Using HandBrake CLI on a Mac to convert video from a Hubsan H107D to 720x480

I've been playing with a Hubsan H107D quadcopter lately. If you happen to own one of these, you've probably discovered by now that the video written to the MicroSD card is not very usable without some conversion. It is stored as a 720x240 AVI by default, and appears rather...squashed. To top this off, VLC complains about a missing/broken AVI index.

The following HandBrakeCLI command will convert the video to an MP4 and correct the aspect ratio.

HandBrakeCLI -i 001.AVI -o 001.mp4 -e x264 -q 22 -w 720 -l 480

If HandBrakeCLI is not installed

Install it using Homebrew.

brew install Caskroom/cask/handbrakecli

Converting an entire folder

If you'd rather convert an entire folder of video files, use something like this:



for FILE in `ls $1`
    filename=$(basename $FILE)

    $HANDBRAKE_CLI -i $1/$FILE -o $1/$filename.$DEST_EXT -e x264 -q 22 -r 30 -w 720 -l 480

And then...

./ ~/My/Directory

Next Time...

My next goal is to find an easy way to stitch these together so the entire flight is contained in one video.

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